BLX Global’s Revenue Indexes turn industry and sector revenue streams into  investable assets.  Each index tracks the changes in trailing twelve month (TTM) revenue  for a select group of companies.  By using an option, ETN, or other derivative based on a revenue index, an investor can directly express  business insights and views changing industry dynamics, creating a wide variety of new opportunities for risk management and alpha generation.

Precious Metals Revenue

Tracks revenue in the US precious metals mining sector

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Airline Revenue

Directly trade and hedge airline industry revenue.

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Semiconductor Revenue

Direct exposure to semiconductor revenue.

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Select Bank Revenue

Tracks revenue in the US Banking sector

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FAANG Revenue

Tracks revenue growth of the widely traded FAANG stocks.

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SAAS Revenue

Direct exposure to revenue growth of US Listed cloud computing businesses.

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Asset Manager Revenue

Tracks growth in key financial metrics of the asset management industry.

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Clean Energy Revenue

Direct exposure to revenue growth in the alternative energy sector

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Cannabis Revenue

Tracks revenue growth in the cannabis industry.

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